Pasture Fed Scottish Lamb Boxes

We produce Pasture-fed Scottish Lamb in beautiful East Lothian.  Our sheep are traditional breeds that are born and raised outdoors on permanent pasture with no supplements or concentrates in their diet.

We sell our lamb in half and whole boxes, butchered and packed ready for your freezer.
This means no wastage for us and cheaper meat for you.

Rearing the lambs on a grass-only diet produces a healthier and tastier meat
and we believe it's a more natural way of farming. 

Sheep belong on pasture. Natural pastures can provide all the nutritional components an animal needs.  Our fields contain a variety of plant species including herbs, wildflowers and clovers which provide an even better diet than grass alone, being rich in essential vitamins and minerals drawn up from the soil below.

For many farmers, however, sheep and cattle don't grow fast enough on a natural diet and more and more are being fed cereals and imported soya and being kept indoors for some or all of the time.  This gives a quick turnaround but we believe this is at the expense of flavour and nutrients, so we're doing it the natural way!


Our standard boxes are comprised of the following cuts all expertly butchered and packed ready for either immediate cooking or freezing.  The meat is hung to improve flavour and tenderness until judged ready by the master butcher (usually 3-4 days).

Our lamb can be butchered to your requirement or even supplied un-butchered for spit-roasting or for restaurants and foodies who want to try butchery for themselves (although you’ll need a big fridge!).

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Half Box